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About Amy

Teaching Style

My style of teaching is grounded. I like to keep it real. The most important part of a yoga practise for me is creating a connection to the body and breathe whilst relaxing the mind so this is what I like to help people find for themselves. I love to teach a dynamic flowing practise as much as I love to really slow it down and lead a restorative, comfy, pillow hugging practise (and everything in between). I believe its important to balance flexibility with strength and effort with ease! I also love offering Yoga Bodywork - helping people to let go of their physical and emotional tensions.

Yoga Story

Yoga came to me in bits and pieces as I grew up. I went to my first yoga class with my Dad at around 14 years old, because I danced and was flexible I felt like I 'was good at it'. I went to uni to study dance and started to become more excited and intrigued by the meditative element of movement. After uni I felt a bit lost, this is when I rediscovered yoga. I craved movement and a deep connection to... well something. I lived with a yoga teacher for a short time in Lapland and then in 2011 I went to India to submerge myself in ashram life and do my first yoga teacher training course (and to find myself- I was 22). This is where I discovered all that yoga has to offer in expanding our conscious awareness of self and the world around us (and that it is not just about being 'good at it'). I remember literally dancing with joy the day I finished my training and started teaching in Liverpool as soon as I came back. 

 Since I have taught in various cities, countries, at festivals and now in Milton Keynes for over 2 years. I continue to learn, taking as many courses as I can fit in my schedule and afford. 

 I have also studied Dance Movement Psychotherapy in Bristol, Somatic Movement Education in Berlin and Horticulture Therapy around the UK. 


Aside from yoga I love my cats, my partner Tim, climbing, gardening, travelling, hula hooping, dancing with fire and nature in general!

I also work part-time as a Horticulture Therapist at Branch-Out MK in Stony Stratford. We grow and sell cut flowers working with people with learning disabilities. This is a great way to help people find a connection not only to themselves but also to the world around them. I often practise yoga and meditation with the other gardeners as well. Check it out here: https://branchoutmk.com/

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